Dietetic Care Process (DCP)

One of the main goals of the project was the creation and the implementation of a unified framework Dietetic Care Process (DCP) based on common terms and definitions used. Currently each partner in Austria, Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands is using a different framework, which makes an international cooperation/exchange/discussion difficult. To receive the needed information for this goal the dietetic care practices in the participating countries and the European Union were assessed.

A publication of the implementation guideline on Dietetic Care Process Modells in Europe was achieved in cooperation with Intellectual Output O7, and the english version can be accessed here:

Each process step needed to be defined and the methods and tools needed to be described: DCP steps definitions – overview

Additionally, the key competences of dietitians were defined in order to agree on benchmarks for the final evaluation of the learning outcomes in cooperation with Intellectual Output O4. Evaluation of the strenghts and weaknesses of framworks used in AT, BE, GE, NL : Strenghs and weaknesses of DCPs

The result of this workpackage is a unified framework of the DCP:



A final description of this Intellectual Output can be found here:



Components for Dietetic Assessment and Dietetic Diagnosis can be accessed here:

Components Dietetic Assessment

Connection ICF and PAS(R)



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