Sustainability and Impact Board

The Sustainability and Impact Board (SIB) is a Board of Experts that supports the project with their expertise and helps disseminating the results.


  • provides opportunities to present findings orally as lectures and in workshops at every annual national meeting during 2016-218
  • disseminates information material through the website and newsletters
  • endorses the results together with other SIB-members on national and international level to facilitate sustainability of the results

Members of the SIB

European Federation of Associations of Dietitians (EFAD)

European Network of Dietetic Students (ENDietS)

Austrian Association of Dietitians

German Dietitian Association

Statement VDD supports IMPECD



Nederlandse Vereninging van Diëtisten

Vlaamse Beroepsvereniging Voedingskundigen en Diëtisten

Union Professionnelle des diplômés en Diététique de Langue Française (UPDLF asbl)