Implementation Guidelines

High-quality dietetic education, research and practice is only possible if the same terms, definitions, framework and proocesses are usted in the scientific community. Implementation guidelines are recommendations generated from the project results, with respect to the specifics of the unified framework Dietetic Care Process (DCP).


  • To strengthen the consent among the consortium and the members of the „Sustainability and Impact Board“ (SIB) consisting of the European Federation of Associations of Dietitians (EFAD), ENDietS (European Network of Dietetic Students) and five National Dietetic Associations (NDAs)
  • To support high-quality presentations of clinical cases
  • In every project year one implementation guideline will be produced in English language. Each implementation guideline will be a 3000 – 5000 word document written in journal-style scientific writing by researchers of the consortium. The consortium and the „Sustainability and Impact Board“ (SIB) edit, revise and agree on all implementation guidelines.


  • As a first topic for the implementation guideline we decided on Nutrition Assessment.This guideline is planned to be submitted for publication by the end of 2019. Dietetic Assessment Draft Version


  • The second implementation guideline developed a standard model and consistent terminology for Monitoring and Outcome Evaluation in different Dietetic Care settings:
  1. Vanherle K, Werkman A, Baete E, Barkmeijer A, Kolm A, Gast C, Ramminger S, Höld E, Kohlenberg-Müller K, Ohlrich-Hahn S, Roemeling-Walters M, Wewerka-Kreimel D, Adam M, Valentini L: Proposed standard model and consistent terminology for Monitoring and Outcome Evaluation in different Dietetic Care settings: Results from the EU-sponsored IMPECD project. In: Clinical Nutrition submitted 10-02-2018; accepted 31.08.2018. doi: 10.1016/j.clnu.2018.08.040.


The third implementation guideline was a comparison between Process Models in Europe:

  1. Buchholz, A. Kolm, K. Vanherle, M. Adam, K. Kohlenberg-Müller, M.E. Roemeling-Walters, D. Wewerka-Kreimel, C. Gast, K. Lange, S. Ohlrich-Hahn, S. Rachman-Elbaum, E. Baete, R. Heine-Bröring, E. Höld, A. Werkman (2018). Process Models in Dietetic Care – A Comparison between Models in Europe. In: Ernährungsumschau submitted 28-05-2018; accepted


You can access here the final report on Workpackage O7: WP7_Finalreport_181030


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