Pedagogical Training Material

This intellectual output developed tools and instruments for the learners/students to learn from their peers in a professional context. These tools were also highly useful for the production of clinical cases, for the Intensive Study Programmes (ISP) as well as for Life Long Learning. Moreover, webinars were organised to disseminate the results to the public. Furthermore, in this output the curricula for the two ISPs were developed.

Template for reflective learning – Portfolio

Presentation for reflection

Webinars for interactive discussions with students and dietitians:


  • Evaluation of the MOOC

Evaluation Learning Outcomes O4

Survey Report O4 and O5

  • Design of the competence flower for IMPECD:


  • Curriculum of the ISPs including Evaluation of the training/pedagogical material:

Programme_ISP_2017 & Evaluation ISP 2017

Programme ISP_2018 & Evaluation ISP 2018

You can find here the report on the Intellectual Ouptut O4: Final_Report_WP04



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